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How to Connect Lasso to Google Analytics for Click Tracking
How to Connect Lasso to Google Analytics for Click Tracking

Lasso integrates with Google Analytics and send click tracking data into your account.

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You should know if your affiliate links are getting clicked and where. What pages have your best performing affiliate links? What type of affiliate link gets more clicks?

More clicks mean it's working. More clicks usually means more money. So wouldn't you like to know what's going on with your links and where your money is being made?

Lasso integrates with Google Analytics and will send all click tracking data into your account so you can find out which links are being clicked and on what pages.

This works on all non-amazon links and all displays. We're working on adding in Amazon text link tracking soon.

How to Connect Lasso to Google Analytics

In Lasso Settings>General, first enter your Google Tracking ID and enable click tracking by moving the toggle right to green.

You can find in your Google Analytics account by going to Admin>Property Settings

Once this is set, Lasso will start sending affiliate link click data to Google Analytics.

How Event Category, Event Action, and Event Label are set in Google Analytics?

Event Category = Lasso URL Name. This allows the Top Events report in Google Analytics to essentially show your top affiliate links. 

It's important to note that perhaps the most useful aspect of this assignment is its relationship to pages so you can see your best performing affiliate by page.

Event Action = How the "click" happened. Currently we support "Link Click" (link from a post), "Display Box" and "Direct" (no source available). 

We will rather easily be able to add in "Email" for clicks driven from MailChimp/ConvertKit.

Event Label = Typically this is the source of the event so we just use "Lasso". We may expand on this later to show clicks from specific links, if a click was enhanced through Lasso Cloud, etc. For now this is a meaningless attribute.

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