Amazon recently updated OneLink to work as a standalone tool, that does not require the installation of oneTag. And zero action is required for geo-direction, as OneLink will continue to function without oneTag.

Starting April 17th, 2020, you will not need to keep the HTML code (OneTag) before the footer of your website to get it to redirect. As long as you have international store IDs linked, it will redirect on its own without the help of OneTag.

What Does This Mean For Amazon Associates Users Like You?

Well, it turns out, as affiliate marketers and site owners, we do not need to keep the HTML code (OneTag) before the footer of our websites for Amazon to automatically redirect international visitors.

That means you don’t need to use third-party tools or Lasso to manage Amazon localization.

That said, this is only for Amazon products and OneLink doesn’t support all major storefronts yet. But I have a feeling they’ll be moving quickly on adding more support to OneLink now that it’s simplified.

If you want more information, we have a post with all the latest news on this new Amazon feature:

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