Yes! You just have to do it manually until you earn enough credits. But even if you didn't want to connect Lasso to Amazon Associates, you can always add Amazon products.

First, click the "Add New URL" button at the top right corner on any page in Lasso.

Simply add any Amazon Associates URL (the full URL, not the shortened one) by adding a new URL.

NOTE: If you don't have Lasso connected to Amazon Associates, Lasso won't be able to automatically grab the Title, Image, or Price from the Amazon API. 

But you can add these yourself on the following screen. And we recommend you only add them as text links. Or if you want to add them as displays, make sure you use the Amazon image URL and don't show a price.

If you don't display the proper image and price, you'll be going against Amazon's terms of service.

To get the proper image, use the Amazon SiteStripe and copy JUST the image URL.

NOTE: Do not add the HTML code to the Image URL when you copy and paste this. It should look like this...

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