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Will Lasso Slow Down My Website?
Will Lasso Slow Down My Website?

No! Let's explain why Lasso has no negative effect on the frontend of your blog.

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Absolutely not!

We understand that page load time is important for your visitor experience as well as ranking higher in Google or Bing search engine results. Weโ€™ve designed Lasso to load super fast.

We don't load any external scripts and nothing we do has any dependency on the size of your site aside from the initial link scan when you first install Lasso.ย 

But even the link scan will have no affect on the frontend of your blog or its load time.

Lasso Scripts on Page Load

Lasso does load a few files on your blog's posts/pages in order to function, such as:

  • general.js

  • lasso-performance.min.js

  • lasso-public.js

  • lasso-table-frontend.min.css

  • lasso-live.min.css

But each of these files are extremely efficient and typically adds only 6-8ms of extra page load to bring all Lasso's powerful features.

To put that into context, the typical page load in WordPress is roughly 2-3s (that's up to 3000ms!) which makes Lasso's addition to page load extremely minimal.

How Big Is The Lasso Plugin?

The entire plugin is roughly 4.8mb zipped, which is roughly the size of one long MP3 song.

In other words, the plugin is small and efficient.

Troubleshooting Slowness in WordPress Admin

If you are experiencing any slowness in the WordPress admin, it's a good idea to run some health checks on your WordPress and server setup.

Our team can help you to diagnose any load or slow issues in your WordPress backend.

But a great place to begin is with the following checks:

Check Site Health Using the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin

A great place to start is with the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.

Search for it in the WordPress plugin directory and install and activate:

In your WordPress admin, navigate to Tools > Site Health:

This simple plugin is a great way to spot any major issues with your current WordPress installation.

You should be looking for any Critical issues that appear on the Status tab:

It also adds more tools to enter Troubleshooting mode that disables all active themes and plugins only for you while logged in so that you can re-enable them one-by-one to help diagnose where any conflicts or performance issues might be coming from.

It's also an excellent way of providing the Lasso team with key information about your site to help diagnose issues faster using the Copy site info to clipboard button in the Info tab:

๐Ÿ‘‰ There is detailed guidance here on how to use this plugin to troubleshoot issues with your site.

If you notice any signifcant issues in your site health or from troubleshooting, the best starting point is to contact your hosting provider to ask them to investigate and provide support.

Check WP Cron using the WP Crontrol Plugin

Another important plugin to use is WP Crontrol which allows you to view and manage what is happening in the WP-Cron system.

You can, again, find it by searching "WP Crontrol" in the WordPress plugin directory:

WP-Cron is a WordPress system for scheduling and executing time-based tasks, such as checking for updates and publishing scheduled posts.

On each page load, WP-Cron checks for any scheduled tasks that need to be executed and runs them during that request.

Lasso relies on WP-Cron running efficiently to be able to run many of its background tasks like scanning your site links and updating them. Many plugins rely on it, too.

Note: We've noticed that CloudWays could disable the native WP Cron by default! Reach out to their support to turn it back on. They might suggest Cron Optimizer instead, but it's ideal to get the WordPress native WP Cron re-enabled in your WP Config.

Once you've installed and activated WP Crontrol, you can find it under Tools > Cron Events where you might find notifications about major errors with your WP-Cron settings:

Check the error codes against the WP Crontrol documentation and contact your host to describe the issue to get help with a resolution.

If you or they notice any conflicts or issues that involve Lasso, ask your host to provide PHP error logs and server resource logs and send them to us along with a description of your problem at [email protected]


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