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Getting Started with Lasso
How to Use Lasso with Other Theme Builders
How to Use Lasso with Other Theme Builders

You can add Lasso links to any WordPress editor.

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We made it easy to add Lasso links to any WordPress editor. But Lasso works much better and faster with the Classic Editor.

How to Add a Text Link with Other Editors Including Thrive Architect, Divy, and More

When you add a link in WordPress, you just need to copy the cloaked (or uncloaked) URL from Lasso.

Then, in the post you want to update, add a link the way you normally would, but just paste the Lasso URL you copied.

NOTE: If the link is an Amazon link, we recommend that you paste the full Amazon URL including your store ID. Amazon does not want you to cloak links; it's against their TOS. Lasso will still detect these links for you.

How to Add a Single Link and Grid Displays With Any Theme Builder

Adding a Lasso display to a post or page is just about adding a shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode from the URL Details page.

Then, in the post or page editor, you want to add a shortcode. In this case, the Lasso display shortcode is simply:

The same thing can be done for grid displays*. Instead of a URL ID, you'll need the Group slug instead. Then the shortcode looks like this:

[lasso style="grid" category="group-slug"]

NOTE: If you're seeing your Amazon links getting cloaked in the Gutenberg editor, don't worry. In Gutenberg editor, we can't change the permalink to Amazon link because WordPress doesn't support it. But after you update the post, the permalink will be changed to Amazon link.

* Indicates a premium feature available with paid subscriptions

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