We made it easy to add Lasso links to any WordPress editor. But Lasso works much better and faster with the Classic Editor.

How to Add a Text Link with Other Editors Including Thrive Architect, Divy, and More

When you add a link in WordPress, you just need to copy the cloaked (or uncloaked) URL from Lasso.

Then, in the post you want to update, add a link the way you normally would, but just paste the Lasso URL you copied.

NOTE: If the link is an Amazon link, we recommend that you paste the full Amazon URL including your store ID. Amazon does not want you to cloak links; it's against their TOS. Lasso will still detect these links for you.

How to Add a Single Link Display

Adding a Lasso display to a post or page is just about adding a shortcode. Copy and paste the shortcode from the URL Details page.

Then, the post or page editor, you want to add a shortcode. In this case, the Lasso display shortcode is simply:

How to Add a Grid Display

The same thing can be done for grid displays. Instead of a URL ID, you'll need the Group slug instead. Then the shortcode looks like this:

[lasso style="grid" category="group-slug"]

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