What's a URL?

Technically, a URL is a website address. You're given an affiliate URL from a specific program that usually includes your affiliate tracking ID.

For example, when you want to link to an Amazon product, you need to create a special URL with our store tracking ID. Lasso does this for you automatically if you have enough Amazon API credits.

So in Lasso, the Dashboard is a collection of all your affiliate URLs.

Underneath each affiliate is either the cloaked ("pretty") URL or the original target URL, depending on what you decide (Amazon links are the original full Amazon URL by default -- meaning they're not cloaked to comply with TOC).

What's a Link?

Technically, a link is something you put on your website that sends people to the URL. In the case of Lasso, a link can be either text, an image, or a display. This LINKS to another page on your website or off somewhere else.

So when you click into URL in the Lasso Dashboard, then you can see all the links to that URL as either displays, text, or images.

In the case above, the Podia URL has one link on the "How to Build a Lean Online Business Plan" article.

Still Confused?

It honestly doesn't matter. Lasso makes the clear distinction for you. But understanding the difference is helpful when talking with your team or business partner.

The goal is to have a lot of URLs that you can send people to to make money. And you want to link to those URLs as often as possible to give you a better chance of getting people to click.

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