The Lasso Dashboard is mission control for monetizing your website. At a quick glance, the Dashboard will show your all your affiliate links with notifications that you can filter.

Here's shot of a typical Dashboard and we'll go over each part.

The Dashboard Anatomy

  • Filters: Quickly see only broken links, out-of-stock products, or affiliate URL with linking opportunities.

  • Search: Find affiliate URLs fast with our search bar that also includes the total number of affiliate URLs in your Dashboard.

  • Affiliate URL: This includes the image, title, permalink, group, notifications, and number of links using the URL.

Notifications and Filters

Every affiliate URL contains a column that will display a notification or link alert. There are three types:

  • Broken Link: a red broken link icon appears if Lasso detects that a URL may be broken. This will allow you to quickly fix those issues so you don't lose any money.

  • Out of Stock: an orange open box icon appears if Lasso detects that an Amazon product may be out of stock.

  • Opportunities: a green light bulb icon appears if Lasso finds links or keywords on your website that can be turned into an affiliate link.

If any of these notifications or alerts appear next to your affiliate URLs, Filters will appear at the top of the page. Click any one of the filters to only see a list of affiliate URLs that may be broken, out of stock, or have opportunities for linking.

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