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Why Do My Permalinks End With -link?
Why Do My Permalinks End With -link?

Here's how to fix your permalinks that end with -link or -2.

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Lasso is a custom post type in WordPress. Because of this, it can't have the same slug/permalink as a post, page, category, tag, image, etc. 

Every WordPress asset gets a unique slug including Lasso URLs.

For example, if you upload an image called "Long Pants," WordPress will create a slug called

Then, if you write a post about long pants, the slug would be long-pants-2. I'm sure you've seen this before.

Instead of using -2, Lasso uses -link.

That just means you have another slug in WordPress taken up with the same slug. Either by a post, page, tag, category, image, or something else. Chances are it's taken up by another plugin.

It's an easy fix by just deleting the original item with the slug you want. Then, Lasso can use it.

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