You know every app that wants to add a "Powered By" logo to your site? A lot of them do it by default. But how many of them let you add your own affiliate URL so you can make some money too while promoting the brand or service?

That's exactly what we did with Lasso!

Look, it's not secret that we're an affiliate marketing tool for affiliate marketers built by affiliate marketers. And if you want to promote Lasso to your audience by using our Display boxes, then we built that in for you!

What is Brag Mode?

By adding your Lasso affiliate URL and enabling Brag Mode, you'll now have the ability to add a small Lasso logo to your display boxes.

This is disabled by default because we're not that greedy. Only enable brag mode if you wanna make some extra money promoting Lasso to your audience. And we recommend only doing this if your audience is a good fit for Lasso.

NOTE: This link always opens in a new tab/window and includes rel="nofollow noindex".

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