Finding New Link Opportunities

Automatically convert any existing link into a monetized Lasso Link.

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Link Opportunities Demo

For a hands-on look, please watch the video below to see how easily Link Opportunities work. We'll also go over everything in the rest of this support doc. ๐Ÿค“

What Are Link Opportunities?

When you add a new link to Lasso, Lasso automatically checks your website for unmonetized links that match that domain.

All of these potential matches are your Link Opportunities.

For example, let's say you have a link to

Once that's added to Lasso, you'll see Opportunities for every instance you've added a Grammarly link to your site.

Where to Find Link Opportunities

You can find your Link Opportunities in three places.

1. The green lightbulb icon represents your Opportunities, and you can view your overall number of Opportunities at the top of your Lasso Dashboard.

You can also click the number or the green lightbulb icon to view a list of all of your Lasso Links with Opportunities.

2. You'll also see Opportunities for individual links as they're listed in your Lasso Dashboard.

You can hover over the green lightbulb to see the total number of Opportunities for that link or click it to go straight to the Opportunities page.

3. Lastly, you can view Opportunities for a particular link via the Link Details page. Click the Opportunities tab underneath your bolded link name to view a list of all the Link Opportunities for that link.

What if no Opportunities appear?

If no Opportunities appear, your site is already well-monetized! Lasso did not detect any non-affiliate links that match your affiliate links.

How to Use Link Opportunities

Link Opportunities are perfect if you've linked to a company's website and then get access to their affiliate program or want to find all of the mentions of a particular brand on your site.

When you navigate to the Opportunities tab for a specific Lasso Link, you'll see several columns on the Opportunities page:

  • URL: The current link on your site that may be an Opportunity.

    • Click this to view the exact page you're linking to.

  • Content: The post the link is included on.

    • Click this to go to the post editor for that particular article.

  • Suggestion: The Lasso Link that may be a good replacement for this URL.

    • Click this to go to the Link Details page for that Lasso Link.

  • Type: Whether it's a text link, image, or Display.

    • Click this to view a pop-up modal of what the Opportunity looks like in your post.

  • Monetize: The toggle that helps you turn the Opportunity into a monetized Lasso Link.

    • Click this to view a list of your Lasso Links to choose the one that fits perfectly.

We'll continue with the Grammarly example to see how Opportunities work.

When you get approved for Grammarly's affiliate program, you can swap your link for your affiliate link.

You can then click the Opportunities tab of your Link Details page for Grammarly to see the potential matching links.

For example, there's an Opportunity for That sounds like a great fit for an affiliate link!

To be sure the Opportunity is a good fit, click on the link icon under the Type column.

This will reveal a pop-up modal showing the context of your current link.

Click the toggle under the Monetize column to turn that plain link into an affiliate link.

That will bring up a modal where you can choose your affiliate link.

Click the Monetize button, and the Opportunity will now be your affiliate link!

Note: If you're already part of an affiliate program, you can also use this domain trick to find Link Opportunities! For example, if you're already a member of Grammarly's affiliate program, you could add a plain link to Lasso for Lasso would detect the Opportunities. Then, swap them for your affiliate link where it makes sense.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at [email protected]. We're here to help!

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