Lasso automatically cloaks all non-Amazon links. But sometimes we're asked if you can uncloak them. And the main reason for this is because of tracking.

The short answer is no.

Cloaking links is great for so many reasons including the fact that they're more memorable. And understandably, not everyone uses Google Analytics. And you may want to add your own tracking to work with your analytics platform. For now, you can find workarounds by adding URL variable to the Primary Target URL.

Also, software like Viglinks and Skimlinks use javascript to turn links to their merchants into affiliate links and we're not sure if it works with cloaked links.

But in that case, we recommend moving away from these tools. From our understanding that they take a cut of your revenue. Lasso doesn't take money away from you and is a complete replacement for Viglinks or Skimlinks.

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