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Does Lasso Work With Non-Affiliate Links?
Does Lasso Work With Non-Affiliate Links?

Yes! Lasso works with any link you want to add and track and update.

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Lasso was originally built as an affiliate link manager that works with every affiliate program on earth. But that also means it works with any URL on earth. Yes, that includes internal links and links to your own products.

For example, you could use Lasso displays to promote your own products in your content. You could also promote other posts on your site with displays. The sky is the limit!

Will Lasso will work with my eCommerce store rather than an affiliate program? Yes! Even if it's on a different domain or subdomain and using something like Shopify as the CMS. You could even set up a display with two buttons to work with both a link to Amazon and to your eCommerce store?

Again, the sky is the limit!

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