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How to Add an Amazon Product Image
How to Add an Amazon Product Image

You can use the Amazon Product URL to add images to your posts and Lasso Displays.

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You have a few options to add an Amazon product image. Once you have your image, you can promote it inside your Lasso Displays or add just the image to your posts.

Option 1: Automatically Pull the Image from Amazon

1. Add an Amazon URL to Lasso by clicking the Add New Link button in the top right corner of your Lasso Dashboard.

2. Once you add your link, Lasso automatically pulls the product's featured image directly from Amazon.

Note: This is the case even if you haven't added API Keys or have run out of credits.

3. You can view an example Display with your Amazon image in the Link Details page after you add your link.

The image should populate right away. However, you can hit the Refresh button underneath the Display to try again if needed.

And that's all you have to do! If the image changes on Amazon, Lasso will automatically update it across your entire site.

Option 2: Update the Amazon Image in Specific Displays

You can also override the Amazon Image just for a specific Lasso Display.

1. To override the image, right-click on the image you'd like to use from the Amazon listing. Then, click Copy Image Address to copy the image's URL.

2. Once you have that URL, you'll need to add an argument for image_url="paste_url_here" to your Display shortcode, replacing paste_url_here with the copied image URL.

For example:


In a completed Display shortcode, it would look like this:

[lasso ref="cactus-hat" id="30093" link_id="18226" image_url=""]

3. Hit Update Display on your Lasso block to see the new image!

Can I Add Just an Amazon Image to My Post Without the Entire Lasso Display?

Yes, you can add single Amazon images to your posts. 😎

1. You'll need to start by adding a new Lasso Display, just like normal.

2. On the Lasso modal to choose your Display type, please pick the Image option.

3. Then, choose the product you'd like to add an Amazon image for.

4. Your Amazon image will then appear in your post. It'll also include a monetized Amazon link. When readers click the image, they'll go to the relevant Amazon listing (with your tracking ID attached!).

If you have any questions, please click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at [email protected]. We're here to help!

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