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How to Monetize Keyword Opportunities
How to Monetize Keyword Opportunities

Learn how to monetize concepts and brand mentions across your site quickly and easily.

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Lasso helps you make more commissions by monetizing keywords thanks to Opportunities.

This article will describe how to use them to help you get more clicks.

Monetize Brand Keywords

The most common use of keywords monetization is to use it on brand keywords.

For example, let's say you are an affiliate for WP Rocket (a WordPress plugin) and you already have a product link/display setup in Lasso for it.

You can navigate via the submenu to Lasso > Opportunities, then you'll want to click on the Keywords tab:

Once on the Keywords tab, you can type in a keyword into the field that says Enter a keyword or phrase and hit Add Keyword:

You'll see a confirmation message at the top:

Lasso has now saved a keyword phrase that you can use to start monetizing anywhere that keyword phrase exists on your blog.

To do that, enter the keyword phrase you just created into the Search field and hit enter on your keyboard to search.

Now we can browse all placements of this keyword phrase on our blog and decide which we want to monetize:

When clicking on a result, you'll see a preview of that keyword phrase where it currently exists on your blog with some surrounding context:

Once you click on the Monetize toggle for a result, you'll see the link selection modal where you can search for the desired product and then hit the Monetize button to finish:

It's done!

Now I can go check out the post/page that I monetized the keyword phrase for, and see the link has been created:

Monetize Concept Keywords

You can monetize more than just brand keyword phrases or names, it could be literally anything!

Sticking with our WP Rocket example, you could add the phrase "web hosting" as a keyword and get options to monetize that for the same product, too.

The possibilities are massive!

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