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Why Doesn't Lasso Pull Amazon Star Ratings?
Why Doesn't Lasso Pull Amazon Star Ratings?

Learn why using Amazon's star ratings inside your Lasso display is against the Amazon TOS!

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Using Amazon's star ratings isn't allowed and so Lasso doesn't pull that data via the API for your displays.

It doesn't pull product descriptions, either, but it does pull:

  • Product title on Amazon

  • Primary product image on Amazon

  • Current price on Amazon (including any discounts, if available and setting is on)

Lasso doesn't pull the Amazon star ratings because:

  1. It's no longer available via their API

  2. It goes against their Terms of Service:

"(t) You will not display or otherwise use any of our customer reviews or star ratings, in part or in whole, on your Site unless you have obtained a link to that customer review or star rating through PA API and you comply with the requirements for PA API described in the License."

โ€” Last updated on March 6th, 2024.

Lasso works hard to ensure you're always in alignment with Amazon's Terms of Service, so you don't need to worry about any violations!

Not being able to use Amazon's star ratings isn't the end of the world, though, as Lasso has a Primary Rating/Our Rating field built-in that you can add to your displays in a couple of clicks.

Open up the Lasso display/link you want to add your own star rating to, and click the Add Custom Field button:

Switch to the Add from library tab and select Primary Rating:

Then you'll have a default Primary Rating added to your display which you can tweak it's value, as well as toggle showing the field name or the field entirely:

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