What Is Lasso?

Everything you need to know about what Lasso is, who it's for, and why you should use Lasso.

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Lasso is an all-in-one WordPress affiliate marketing plugin that helps you create custom displays for your affiliate products (like the one below).

It's also a link cloaker, though it's much more than that. Check it out: 👇

With Lasso, you can:

  1. Add unlimited affiliate links: We’re not only for Amazon Affiliates, Reviews-only sites, or Best Lists. We're great for those too, but we’re so much more. We'll work with any link on the planet.

  2. Get link alerts: See which links are broken or out-of-stock, then instantly update them site-wide.

  3. Create beautiful product displays: Our displays come in six flavors: Single, Button, Image, List, Grid, and Gallery. Each Display style has eight preset themes, which you can customize with shortcodes and CSS.

  4. Simplify Amazon affiliate marketing: We help keep your Amazon affiliate products up to date without worrying about API credits. Just copy/paste any Amazon.com URL, and Lasso will grab the product data for you. We also work with OneLink and GeniusLink.

  5. Find monetization opportunities: Lasso will scan your site for recommended affiliate programs. You can also use Keywords to find and monetize specific anchor text across your site. And if you're doing a site audit, you can use our Content tab to view links post-by-post (and monetize them, too!).

  6. Get valuable insights with Google Analytics: Add your Google Analytics ID to Lasso, and see which links earn you the most clicks. You can even see if it's a Lasso Link or Lasso Display that's being clicked.

What Lasso Isn't:

  1. Lasso isn't an internationalization tool: Once we heard that Amazon was doing this themselves, we backed off. So, we recommend using Amazon OneLink or GeniusLink.

  2. Lasso isn't slow: We’re all about speed, so our CSS is super lean and super customizable. We don't load any external scripts, and nothing we do has any dependency on the size of your site. (Aside from the initial site scan when you first install Lasso, but even that won't affect your actual website load time.)

Subscribing to Lasso gives you unlimited access to a team of affiliate marketers! We'll:

  1. Teach you the best practices for using Displays, Comparison Tables, and Lasso Links.

  2. Do everything we can to help you make more money.

  3. Answer any questions you have about Lasso, WordPress, affiliate marketing, or literally anything!

Take your site to the next level:

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