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Should You Allow Duplicate Destinations?
Should You Allow Duplicate Destinations?

Everything you need to know about duplicate destinations and when to use them.

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If you're on the Lasso Settings page, you may notice a toggle for "Allow duplicate destinations."

This feature comes in handy if you're linking to tons of products across multiple affiliate networks.

What happens when "Allow duplicate destinations" is off? Why is it the default?

This is Lasso's default because it prevents you from linking to the same product multiple times.


Let's say you want to promote your favorite sneakers at (

You find that store in ShareASale, grab your affiliate link for those shoes, and add the link to Lasso.

But wait! You had already linked to ( in Lasso via an Impact affiliate link.

Lasso's default behavior will process your affiliate link and look at the final URL: (

Even though you added two different affiliate links, Lasso will tell you that the product already exists. Now, you don't have to create a brand new Display. We've got your back like that. ;)

What happens if I allow duplicate destinations?

We also know that sometimes you may want to link to the same product at different stores, and we want to support that!

If that's the case, you can go to Settings and flip that toggle to enable "Allow duplicate destinations."

Then, Lasso will no longer scan for the final URL and will view duplicates only based on the link (cloaked or uncloaked) that you add to Lasso.

Whichever you choose, we're here for you! If there's anything our team can help with, please email us at [email protected].

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