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Connect ClickBank to Performance
Connect ClickBank to Performance
Everything you need to know to pull your ClickBank revenue data into your Performance tracking dashboard.
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If you haven't yet, please log into your Performance Dashboard. Click Add Connection, select ClickBank, and you'll be prompted to enter your credentials.

Here's What You'll Need to Connect ClickBank to Performance:

  • Developer API Keys

  • Clerk Key

Here's How to Get That Information:

Developer API Keys:

First, log into your ClickBank account.

Please go to Accounts in the left navigation menu and then click on the desired Nickname.

In the menu of your account page, please click Account Settings.

Towards the bottom of that page, you'll see the Developer API Keys section. Click Edit on the far right.

Then click Create New Developer Key.

When the Description bar appears, type Lasso and then click Save.

A yellow bar will then appear, saying Developer key successfully created.

Below that, in the Developer Keys box, you'll see a value under the heading Developer API Key. (It should start with DEV-.)

Please copy and paste that key into your Performance Connections modal.

Clerk Key:

Please go back to your ClickBank account. This time, click the Users icon in the lefthand menu.

From there, click the blue Create New User button.

Please check the box for Is this an API-only user?, name it Lasso, and then click Save.

Once that's done, copy the API Key. (It should begin with API-.) Then paste it into your Performance Connections modal as your Clerk Key.

In your Performance Connections modal, click Submit. Then you're all set. 😎

If you have any questions, please click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at [email protected]. We're here to help!

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