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What Is Performance?
What Is Performance?

Everything you need to know about what Performance is, who it's for, and why you should use it.

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Performance is an analytics platform that helps affiliate marketers understand where their clicks and conversions come from.

It was created by and for niche site owners, and every metric is designed to help optimize your site's performance (hence the name 😉).

Check out the demo below or read on for more info!

With Performance, you can:

  1. Track income across multiple affiliate networks: Once you connect Performance to your affiliate networks, you'll see all your affiliate data in one place. Data automatically updates daily, so you're always getting up-to-date information without uploading CSVs or editing spreadsheets.

  2. See where your revenue comes from: Performance tracks revenue and clicks at the Advertiser, Network, Page, and Link levels. Now, you can see exactly what's driving your clicks and conversions!

  3. Get daily income reports straight to your inbox: We'll email you consolidated earnings emails, so you can easily and quickly monitor your revenue.

  4. Replace Google Analytics: View your click data in streamlined reports designed for niche sites.

  5. Get Started for Free: The first $1,000 of monthly affiliate commissions are tracked free forever. Plus, billing only occurs on the first day of each month. If you cancel before then, you won't pay a dime.


How can Performance help my Business?

With Performance, you can identify which pages or products on your website earn the most revenue, the highest EPC, or the best clickthrough rate. Then, you can use that information to make changes to your posts that increase your affiliate revenue.

What affiliate networks does Performance work with?

Performance works with the largest affiliate networks in the world, including Amazon, CJ, Impact, Shareasale, and more. Our team will also add integrations as fast as possible based on demand. If we’re missing a network Integration you need, simply request it.

Does Performance work with Amazon Associates?

Yes! Performance is the only analytics platform that offers automated revenue data from Amazon. No CSVs or spreadsheets are needed. 😎

How does Performance pricing work?

Pricing is based on monthly affiliate commissions. The first $2,000 per month is tracked free forever when you're signed up with a Lasso Plugin subscription, and you get an additional $2,000 tracked for each site you connect to Lasso. After that, it's just $4 per additional $1,000 of revenue tracked per month.

Is there a free trial?

While there isn’t a traditional “free trial” with Performance, you won’t be billed for tracked revenue until the start of the next month. You won't pay a penny if you cancel any time before that.

Does Performance only work with WordPress?

Performance is an analytics platform that integrates with your affiliate accounts, so it works independently of WordPress or any other CMS. You'll only need a WordPress site for advanced click tracking with subIDs (coming soon), which is entirely optional. Otherwise, you'll have access to click and revenue data regardless of how you run your site.

Will Performance slow down my site?

Performance runs as a web app that's completely separate from your site. It will have no impact on your site’s speed whatsoever.

Will my writers be able to see my Performance data?

Your Performance data is only contained within your Lasso admin dashboard and your daily/weekly/monthly update emails. Your writers will only see your data if you give them access to your account credentials.

Does Performance work with GA4?

Performance is an independent analytics platform that can run alongside Google Analytics or entirely without it - your choice! While Google Analytics can provide limited information about your landing page views and clicks, Performance has direct access to your revenue information. This enables us to provide you with the most actionable insights for improving your business.

Do I need the Lasso Plugin to use Performance?

While optimizing your site works best with both Performance and the Lasso plugin, you don’t need to use the plugin to use Performance. However, without the Lasso plugin, you won’t be able to see certain data down to the Display levels, and you won't be able to use subID tracking in Performance (coming soon).

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