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Can I Use Pass-Through Parameters in My Links?
Can I Use Pass-Through Parameters in My Links?

Yes! Lasso fully supports pass-through parameters.

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You can add any parameters that you'd like to your Lasso Link. Those parameters will be passed through after your readers click your link.

How Pass-Through Parameters Work

Let's say your Lasso Link is (This URL will redirect to

You can add parameters to the end of the cloaked link, like this:

Readers will then be redirected to:

Using Pass-Through Parameters with Lasso

You can add parameters to your Lasso Links via the post editor.

For example, you can click the pencil icon on your Lasso text link in the Gutenberg editor.

Then you can add your pass-through parameters right at the end of your link.

Once you're done, the link will show your pass-through parameters.

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