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How to Migrate from Lasso Lite to Lasso Pro
How to Migrate from Lasso Lite to Lasso Pro

If you've upgraded to Pro, this guide will help you use Bulk Import to pull in all your product links from Lite to Pro!

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So you've recently upgraded to Lasso Pro? Awesome!

Tons of incredible premium features await you.

This article will explain how to migrate from Lasso Lite to Lasso Pro and bring over all your product links/displays.

It's easy and uses Lasso's built-in Bulk Import tool.

Things To Know

Lasso Lite and Lasso Pro are two separate plugins which means their link database is also entirely separate.

You might also see both plugins in your WordPress admin, next to each other:

Lasso Lite = free version of Lasso

Lasso = Lasso Pro (subscription)

It's important not to get the two mixed up and continue creating Lasso Lite displays when you intended them to be for Lasso Pro.

How to use Lasso's Bulk Import Tool

To import all your Lasso Lite product links over to Lasso Pro, navigate to the submenu Lasso > Import:

Once you're on the Import screen, click on the dropdown (that shows All Plugins) and select Lasso Lite / Simple URLs:

Then hit the Bulk Import button:

Confirm you want to take the action in the modal and click Import All:

Lasso will confirm that each product link/display has been imported:

You're done! πŸŽ‰

You will now find your Lasso Lite product links/displays imported into the Lasso (Pro) Dashboard.

Anywhere those displays or links existed before from Lasso Lite will now have been replaced and connected inside Lasso Pro instead!

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