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What is Lasso Lite/Simple URLs?
What is Lasso Lite/Simple URLs?

Let's explain about our free plugin, Lasso Lite (formerly Simple URLs) on the WordPress plugin directory!

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If you've been digging around in the WordPress plugin directory, you'll find a plugin called "Simple URLs" (Lasso Lite) by Lasso:

This plugin is better known as Lasso Lite and is the limited but free version of Lasso.

Note: Lasso Lite/Simple URLs is the free plugin with simpler affiliate link management features. Most Lasso features require a Pro subscription. Learn more about the differences between Lite vs Pro here.

Lasso Lite, aka Simple URLs, is a WordPress plugin that offers a few of the essential Lasso features that you may find in other common affiliate link management plugins, like PrettyLinks.

It's a completely free plugin, so you can get started improving the management of your affiliate links straight away.

This is a great tool to use for growing your affiliate business empire and when you're ready to expand for more powerful features like revenue tracking, Lasso Pro will be there for you!

Lasso Lite Features

Let's take a look at the Lasso Lite/Simple URLs features that you can expect for free.

Product Link Management

Lasso Lite/Simple URLs includes the Dashboard where you can manage all your product links and create new ones in one place.

Beautiful Single Product Displays

With Lasso Lite/Simple URLs, you'll get access to one of our great themes for your product displays and several options to customize the colors to your brand.

Pull Amazon Product Data

You can even use your own Amazon product advertising API keys to benefit from pulling the Title, Image and Price of your Amazon products.

It refreshes once every 24 hours, too!

If you don't have your own Amazon API credentials yet, you can upgrade to Pro and use ours for free. πŸ™Œ

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