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See answers to the common questions we get about Lasso.

Does Lasso Work With Non-Affiliate Links?Yes! Lasso works with any link you want to add and track and update.
Can I Uncloak Links in Lasso?Lasso automatically creates permalinks that cloak, but you can always turn them off!
Why Are Amazon Links Appearing Cloaked in Gutenberg?Lasso uncloaks all Amazon links after you save the post.
Why Do Lasso Data Attributes Appear on Links and Keywords?If you notice extra data attributes on your Lasso links, why is explained here!
What Affiliate Programs & Networks Does Lasso Work With?Learn what networks you can use Lasso with to promote your links!
What Happens If You Cancel Lasso?Leaving Lasso? Be aware of these steps before you deactivate or delete the plugin!
Can I Use Lasso on a New Blog With No Affiliate Links?How fast can this generate affiliate links for long posts?
Why Do My Permalinks End With -link?Here's how to fix your permalinks that end with -link or -2.
Will Lasso Slow Down My Website?No! Let's explain why Lasso has no negative effect on the frontend of your blog.
How Do I Access The Lasso Changelog?The change log shows all the changes made to the plugin in each update.
Should You Allow Duplicate Destinations?Everything you need to know about duplicate destinations and when to use them.
Why does Lasso add an LCID argument to affiliate links?You might notice an LCID argument at the end of your URLs, so let's explain what it does and why it's important.
Does Lasso Integrate with WooCommerce?Find out if you can use Lasso to add affiliate product displays into your WooCommerce store!
Does Lasso Work with Non-WordPress Sites?The Lasso plugin does not integrate with YouTube, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, or Google, or any other non-WordPress sites!
Does Lasso Offer Lifetime Deals?If you're wondering whether you can get access to Lasso on a lifetime deal, it's answered here.
Does Lasso Offer Monthly Pricing Plans?Learn why we don't have monthly pricing options for Lasso anymore!
Why Does Lasso Create Many 302 Redirects?Ahrefs or Screaming Frog reporting many redirects as a warning or issue? Here's why that isn't a problem for your site health!
How Do I Export My Lasso Links?Looking to move your Lasso link data to a new WordPress installation? It's all explained in this guide!
Why Does a Non-Broken Link Show as Broken?Lasso might think a Primary Destination URL is broken when it isn't, let's explain why that can happen and how to troubleshoot it.