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Getting Started with Lasso
Getting Started with Lasso

New to using Lasso? Start here.

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What Is Lasso?Everything you need to know about what Lasso is, who it's for, and why you should use Lasso.
How to Manage Sites in Your Account DashboardWhether you're using the WordPress Plugin, Performance, or both, here's everything you need to add and manage sites in your account.
How to Install the Lasso Plugin on Your WordPress SiteA step-by-step walkthrough of adding Lasso into WordPress
How to Use the Lasso DashboardThe Lasso Dashboard is where you can view all your links, find where they're located on your site, and check your link alerts.
How to Add a New LinkAdding a new link to Lasso is as easy as copying and pasting any URL you want.
How to Use the Link Details PageWe go over every option in the Link Details page, which appears when you add a new link.
How to Use Comparison TablesDo you want to show product comparisons in a sleek format? We'll show you how to do that easily with Comparison Tables!
How to Use FieldsEverything you need to know about Fields, why to use them, and how to customize them.
How to Add Text and Display Links in Posts and PagesAdding Lasso affiliate links with the Classic Editor and Gutenberg in WordPress.
How to Import Links From Another PluginImport links from other plugins into Lasso one at a time or all at once with the click of a button.
How to Use Lasso with Other Theme & Page BuildersLasso works with just about any unique theme or page builder, this guide will show you how to use it with major editors like Elementor.
Prompt Examples for the Lasso AI GeneratorGet to grips with AI content generation with Lasso's AI generator block.