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Amazon Associates Integration
Amazon Associates Integration

Learn more about connecting to the Amazon API in Lasso and what it can do for you.

Where Should I Get Amazon Product URLs to Use in Lasso?It's a simple as copying and pasting any product link from Amazon.
How to Add and Manage Amazon Links Without API CreditsYou can use Lasso to promote Amazon products even if you don't have any Amazon API Credits. Here's how.
How to Add an Amazon Product ImageYou can use the Amazon Product URL to add images to your posts and Lasso Displays.
How to Update Amazon Product Info Automatically Without API Keys?Lasso will update your Amazon price and image information without ever requiring Amazon API credentials.
What Is the Amazon Tracking ID?The Amazon tracking ID is used to create affiliate links and give your account credit for sales, so you get paid.
Can I Change My Amazon Tracking ID?Spoiler Alert: Yes, you can change your Amazon Associates ID sitewide on all your Amazon links, and it takes less than 60 seconds.
Is Lasso Compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service?Yes, and Lasso makes it easy to comply with Amazon's conditions!
How to Get Your Amazon Product API KeysUsing Amazon API credentials isn't required with Lasso, but they're super easy to add!
International Monetization: Does Lasso Make Geo-Targeted Links for Amazon?Lasso doesn't internationalize or geo-direct links. But we work with other platforms that localize links, like OneLink and GeniusLink!
Can I Cloak Amazon Links?Amazon doesn't like you to cloak their links because it conflicts with their Terms of Service. Here's why.
What Is the Amazon PA API, and Is Lasso Upgraded to the Latest Version?Yes! Lasso is always using the latest version of Amazon's Product Advertising Application Programming Interface.
Can You Use Multiple Amazon Tracking IDs with Lasso?Yes! You can add as many Amazon tags or tracking IDs as you'd like.
How to Use Auto-Amazon to Import Amazon LinksAutomatically pull all of your Amazon links into Lasso and ensure they're monetized with your tracking ID!
How To Use Lasso's SiteStripe MigratorEverything you need to know about migrating your old Amazon SiteStripe images and embeds to the Amazon API thanks to Lasso!