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Using Lasso With Other Services
Using Lasso With Other Services

Find out which services Lasso plays nice with and which are known to cause issues.

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How to Connect Lasso to Google Analytics for Click TrackingLasso integrates with Google Analytics 4 to send click tracking data into your account.
How to Use SubIDs for Click Tracking?Yes. We support dynamic SubIDs.
Can I Use Pass-Through Parameters in My Links?Yes! Lasso fully supports pass-through parameters.
How to Create a Backup of Your WordPress WebsiteThis helps us to diagnose bugs on your specific WordPress install without logging into your WP admin.
A List of Known Conflicting Plugins with LassoHere is a list of plugins that sometimes don't play nice with Lasso.
When Vaultpress Thinks Normalizer Has Suspicious CodeIf you get a warning, don't worry. You can ignore it.
Removing Lasso from your SitemapLasso does not index by default but it is possible to override these settings - here we show you how to fix that.
How to Tell if Google Analytics Click Tracking Is WorkingTroubleshooting steps to check if Lasso and Google Analytics are tracking clicks.
Does Lasso Work with Geniuslink?Can you cloak Links? Can you add Genius links to Lasso? What about internationalization?
How to Bulk Import Links from an Excel Spreadsheet or CSVLasso has partnered with WP All Import, so you can easily add links in bulk from an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (.csv) file.
How to Pass-Through the Referring Page in Lasso Cloaked LinksAdd a dynamic reference to the page URL your Lasso display is on, allowing it to be passed through to the target URL.
Affiliate Programs/Networks Auto-Detected by LassoLasso can auto-detect affiliate links from many other networks and import them to your dashboard, here's how it works.