When you connect your Amazon Associates account to Lasso, you'll be asked for three things: your access key, secret key, and tracking ID.

The access and secret key are what Lasso uses to connect to the Amazon API. Note: They aren't necessary to pull affiliate URL, title, image, and price. Lasso does that for you.

The tracking ID is used to create the affiliate links and give your account credit for the sale so you get paid.

When you have an Amazon Associates account, you'll be given an initial tracking ID with your store's name and a "-20" at the end. This is added to all Amazon URLs to track who gets credit.

Amazon lets you create multiple tracking IDs per account. So for instance, if you run three different websites, you can create three different tracking IDs for each one to give you better reporting within your Amazon Associates account. 

Lasso only supports a single tracking ID.

How to Find and Create Your Tracking ID in Amazon Associates

  1. After logging into your Amazon Associates account, hover over your email address at the top right.

  2. You'll see a link called "Manage Your Tracking IDs." Click that.

  3. On this page, you can either select an existing tracking ID, so when you use the built-in search on your account, it'll automatically add that tracking ID to the URL it creates. Or you can create a new one.

Make sure you copy your tracking ID exactly when you add it to Lasso.

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