You can import links from other popular plugins like Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, AAWP, and more by heading to Lasso > Import.

locating lasso plugin import from the dashboard

If you have any of the other link management plugins we support installed with links in them, each link/URL will appear telling you the name, URL, which plugin it's in, and an import button.

lasso plugin import button

When you click the button, you'll be asked if you want to import that one link into Lasso. Once it's complete, that link will appear in Lasso. You can also hit the "Import" button again to revert the import and put the link back into your old plugin.

This is a non-destructive way to try out Lasso before fully committing to importing all your links. Which you can do too!

Just click the "Bulk Import" button at the top of your screen and Lasso will import all your links from every plugin.

And again, you can always revert. 

How Does Importing AAWP Shortcodes Work?

If your site runs AAWP, you can "import" all your Amazon products to Lasso. "Import" is in quotes because AAWP Amazon products look like they're not stored anywhere on your site. But...

AAWP doesn't "store" links per-se, but they do have a table where they track every product you've added and all of its details.

So in the case of AAWP, Lasso doesn't remove the old plugin URL's and replace them with Lasso URL's. Instead, we build our AAWP import list off of the full list of Amazon products you've ever added.

You're then able to flip a toggle to import that Amazon product into Lasso. This creates a Lasso URL for that product and it has no effect on AAWP. In other words, your AAWP shortcodes will still work until you replace them with Lasso shortcodes.

Our AAWP import is more like a "suggestion" list of the Amazon products that are important to your website.

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