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How to Use Auto-Amazon to Import Amazon Links
How to Use Auto-Amazon to Import Amazon Links

Automatically pull all of your Amazon links into Lasso and ensure they're monetized with your tracking ID!

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What is Auto-Amazon?

Auto-Amazon is a feature that will detect pre-existing Amazon links on your site. It will scan all your posts for Amazon links and add them to Lasso, so you can start scanning them for out-of-stock products.

It'll also automatically add your Amazon ID to any unmonetized links.

If you need to change your Amazon tag, Auto-Amazon will also take care of this for you. Pulling the links into Lasso will update the tracking ID for all Amazon links sitewide.

How to Use Auto-Amazon

1. We recommend you start on a staging site. If you're using your live site, consider generating a backup that you can restore if needed.

(Note: Auto-Amazon is heavily QA-tested and safe to use. Similar to when you install a new plugin for the first time, this is just a routine precaution to ensure everything works the way you'd like.)

2. In Lasso, go to Settings > General and ensure you’ve added all Custom Post Types where Amazon links might live. (This tells Lasso where it should scan for links on your site.)

3. Go to Settings > Amazon, and you’ll see the Auto-Amazon feature in the left column.

4. Under "Tracking ID for This Site," add the tracking ID you want to apply to the bulk of your Amazon links. This is the default Amazon tag you'll use most often, and it'll be the tracking ID that automatically applies to any unmonetized Amazon links.

5. Toggle "Enable Amazon Auto-Monetization" to the on position.

6. Hit the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner.

Then Lasso will scan your site for any and all Amazon links. It'll monetize them and add them to Lasso automatically. 🎉

Note: Lasso will work to import everything as quickly as possible without consuming excess resources. Please allow up to 24 hours for the Auto-Monetization feature to find and show all of your links.

Does Auto-Amazon Work with Multiple Amazon IDs?

If you have multiple Amazon IDs on your site, enabling Auto-Amazon will also enable "Allow Multiple Tracking IDs."

Any Amazon IDs Lasso detects will be added to the Tracking ID Whitelist as they're found in your links. We won't change these IDs when Lasso monetizes and updates your Amazon links. (But we'll still add the links to Lasso!)

Do you see an ID in your Whitelist that you don't recognize?

That's an extra perk of Auto-Amazon! Lasso found it, and now you can delete it. Simply click the "x" icon beside the tracking ID in the whitelist, hit Save Changes, and Lasso will override that ID with your primary tracking ID.

What Types of Links Does Auto-Amazon Detect?

Auto-Amazon will detect every type of Amazon link!

  • Short Amazon links from SiteStripe (ex:

  • Long Amazon links from SiteStripe

  • Raw Amazon links straight from your browser

  • Amazon links from all locales (.com,, etc.)

Having Trouble?

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at [email protected]. We're here to help!

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