Are you using Google Analytics (GA) to track clicks, but you're not sure if it's working correctly? Follow these steps to see if your click tracking data is being sent to GA.

Note: If you're using Thrive, Elementor, or any other page builder, do this before continuing:

  • In your Lasso Dashboard, go to Settings > General.

  • Under the Custom Post Types section, add any post types you'd like Lasso to work with.

1. Check Lasso's GA settings:

Confirm you have the correct GA ID. There are two GA types, and Lasso works with both:

  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - This is the newest version. The tracking ID will look like G-XXXXXXX.

  • Universal Analytics( UA) - This is the previous version. The tracking ID will look like "UA-12345678-9".

Go to Settings > General > Google Analytics. Confirm the tracking code is entered correctly, and the "Enable Click Tracking" toggle is switched on.

2. Check Lasso GA code inside the view source code:

Navigate to a post containing a Lasso Link or Lasso Display.

If you're using Chrome, go to View > Developer > View Source. If you're using Safari, go to Develop > Show Web Inspector, then navigate to the Sources tab.

Command+F (or CTRL+F on Windows) and search for your tracking ID.

Lasso script for Google Analytics 4 will look like this:

Lasso script for Universal Analytics will look like this:

3. Check for "Lasso GA is ready" in the browser console:

In Chrome, right-click and select "Inspect", then navigate to the Console tab. In Safari, navigate from the Sources tab (from step #2) to the Console tab.

Confirm that you see "Lasso GA is ready!".

Google Analytics 4 will look like this:

Universal Analytics will look like this:

If you don't see "Lasso GA is ready!":

  • Clear your console.

  • Refresh the page.

To clear your console on Chrome, hit this button:

To clear your console on Safari, hit this button:

4. Confirm Lasso sent click data to GA:

Click any of your Lasso Links or Displays.

Google Analytics 4 will show "Lasso GA4 send" if the click goes through:

Universal Analytics will show three rows of text:

  • Display Box (or Link Click).

  • Lasso GA send.

  • lasso ga.

5. Check on Google Analytics:

Lasso sent the data to GA. Great! Time to confirm it's displaying in your GA dashboard.

Google Analytics 4:

Navigate to Reports > Realtime > "Event count by Event name". After each Lasso click, the "Link Click" event number will increase. Since you tested the click in step #4, the Event Count for "Link Click" should be a minimum of 1.

For added reassurance, click the "Link Click" option highlighted in the above image. There are three key indicators to see Lasso data in GA:

  • lasso_href: The URL of the Lasso Link.

  • lasso_text: The anchor text that was clicked.

  • lasso_title: The title of the link in the Lasso Dashboard.

Universal Analytics:

Navigate to Reports > Realtime > Events > "Events (Last 30 minutes)" tab. Since you tested the click in step #4, "Events" should be a minimum of 1. The name under "Event Category" will be the name of the Lasso Link in your Dashboard.

And there you have it!

Still not seeing your click data in Google Analytics? We're here to help! Click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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