What is Auto-Amazon?

Auto-Amazon is a feature that will detect all Amazon links on your site and add them to Lasso, with data (including price, title, image, and Prime status). It'll also automatically add your Amazon ID to any unmonetized links.

If you need to change your Amazon tag at any point, Auto-Amazon will take care of this for you, too.

How to Use Auto-Amazon

1. We recommend you start on a staging site. If you're using your live site, consider generating a full backup that you can restore if needed.

(Note: This isn't normally the case with new Lasso features. Due to the revenue effects it could have, we're being overly cautious. Growing and maintaining your earnings are our top priorities!)

2. Go to Settings > General and make sure you’ve added all Custom Post Types where Amazon links might live. (This tells Lasso where on your site it should scan for links.)

3. Go to Settings > Amazon, and you’ll see the Auto-Amazon feature in the left column.

4. Under "Tracking ID for This Site", add your Primary Tracking ID. This is the default Amazon tag you'll use most often.

5. Toggle "Enable Amazon Auto-Monetization" to the on position.

6. Hit the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner.

Then Lasso will scan your site for any and all Amazon links. It'll monetize them and add them to Lasso automatically. 🎉

Note: Lasso will work to monetize everything as quickly as possible without consuming excess resources. Please allow up to 24 hours for the Auto-Monetization feature to find and monetize all of your links.

How Does Auto-Amazon Work with Multiple Amazon IDs?

If you have multiple Amazon IDs on your site, enabling Auto-Amazon will also enable "Allow Multiple Tracking IDs".

Any Amazon IDs Lasso detects will be added to the Tracking ID Whitelist. Then when Lasso monetizes your Amazon links, we won't change these IDs. (But we'll still add the links to Lasso!)

Do you see an ID in your whitelist that you don't recognize? That's an extra perk of Auto-Amazon! Lasso found it, and now you can delete it. Simply click the x icon beside the tracking ID in the whitelist, hit Save Changes, and Lasso will override that ID with your primary tracking ID.

What Comes Next?

Did you try it out? We crave feedback and would love to hear how it went. 😉

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