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Can You Use Multiple Amazon Tracking IDs with Lasso?
Can You Use Multiple Amazon Tracking IDs with Lasso?
Yes! You can add as many Amazon tags or tracking IDs as you'd like.
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You can use multiple Amazon tracking IDs with Lasso!

How to Set up Multiple Amazon Tracking IDs

  1. In Lasso, go to Settings > Amazon.

  2. Under "Tracking ID for This Site," add your Primary Tracking ID. This is the Amazon tag you'll use most often.

  3. Under "Auto-Monetize Amazon Links," toggle "Allow Multiple Tracking IDs" to the on position.

  4. Under "Tracking ID Whitelist," add any Amazon IDs you'd like to use. Normally, Lasso will monetize your Amazon links with your Primary Tracking ID. When Lasso detects a whitelisted ID, it'll retain the ID and won't change it.

  5. Hit the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner.

Using Multiple Tracking IDs

If you add links from SiteStripe that contain your other tracking IDs, you can paste them into Lasso. That tracking ID will be used everywhere you promote that product.

You can also change the tracking ID in the Primary Destination URL box in the Link Details page:

Note: You can return to Lasso's Amazon Settings page and add or remove tracking IDs from your whitelist anytime. If you add a new ID, Lasso won't override it. If you remove an ID, Lasso will automatically replace it with the ID listed under Tracking ID for This Site."

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at [email protected]. We're here to help!

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