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How to Create and Manage Grid Displays
How to Create and Manage Grid Displays
Display a grid of affiliate links by using Groups and a shortcode.
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Lasso's Grids are versatile and can be used for everything from Resource pages to Top 3 product displays.

You can set up Grids in just a few steps, which we'll explain below:

  • Organize your affiliate URLs into Groups.

  • Rearrange the order of your affiliate links, so they display in the right order.

  • Add a shortcode to display a Group of affiliate links in a Grid.

  • Optional: Add shortcode arguments to customize how the Grid looks.

How to Organize Affiliate URLs In Groups

You can display a Group of affiliate links in a Grid format on your website. But first, you need to add and organize your affiliate URLs into Groups.

You can add an affiliate URL to as many Groups as you'd like. To do this, go to the Link Details page for any Lasso Link, and use the "Groups" tab.

Within the group, you can drag and drop the order of which your affiliate URLs will appear in the display.

That's all you have to do get started! If you ever want to change the order or add/replace an affiliate URL in a group, you can do it from within Lasso without going into a post or page.

How to Add a Grid Display to a Post or Page

In the WordPress editor, click the cactus icon to add a display. First, it'll ask you which type of display you want. Choose Grid.

This will bring up a list of all your Groups. Now, just choose the Group you want to display and it'll add a shortcode to your post.

In the example, if we chose the Podcasting Group, it would add a shortcode to your post that looks like this:

[lasso style="grid" category="podcasting"]

From here, you can add arguments to the shortcode to customize it.

Grid Display Shortcode Arguments

This makes displays appear side by side with a max of two affiliate links per row.

categories="slug, slug"
You can display multiple Groups by using the slug. If a Group is named "Favorite Tools," the slug will likely be "favorite-tools." Separate multiple Groups by a comma.

For example, you can add this shortcode to show only two categories worth of display boxes:

[lasso style="grid" categories="podcasting, favorite-tools"]

columns ="3" (default is 2)
Add this if you want to display one or three affiliate links per row instead of the default of two.

[lasso style="grid" categories="podcasting, favorite-tools" columns="3"]

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