To add your own link (including Amazon products) to Lasso, just click the button at the top right that says "Add New Link."

Paste or type any URL and hit "Add". 

This will bring you to the Link Details page where you can add more information about your link like Name, Cloaked Permalink, Image, and more.

The link you added will be automatically filled in as the Primary Destination URL. We recommend you add a Name and a custom cloaking slug for your new link.

Everything on the left side is what you need for adding text links to your website. The right side contains the information you need for adding displays. 

You can add an image, pricing, description, and even add your link to a group.

NOTE: For the description, you can add rich HTML text by highlighting the text. This includes bolding, italicizing, underlining, linking, and creating lists. Formatting will be included in your displays.

At the top, you'll see a sub-navigation bar with Details, Locations, and Opportunities.

Locations and Opportunities

These pages will show you where this link appears on your website as either a text link, image link, or Lasso display.

When you click to the Locations page, you'll see all the locations where your link appears across your site.

If you want to see the anchor text plus the words around it, click the link icon to bring up a preview modal.

And finally, you can see all opportunities which you can turn into Lasso links.

This is the first step to getting started with Lasso!

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