How to Add a New Link

Adding a new link to Lasso is as easy as copying and pasting any URL you want.

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How to Add a New Link to Lasso

First, click the button at the top right that says "Add New Link":

From there, you have two options:

Option 1: Add Links Individually

To add links one at a time, paste or type any URL into the text box, then hit "Add Link".

You'll then see the Link Details page where you can customize your link: Name, Cloaked Permalink, Image, and more!

Option 2: Add Links in Bulk

Hit [Shift + Enter] to add up to 10 links at once.

Add your link, hit the Enter key, and repeat. It's that easy!

Once all of your links are in the text box, click "Add Link" to start bulk-adding your new links.

Lasso will start processing your links, and then you'll be redirected to the Lasso Dashboard.

From here, you can either continue adding new links, or click on any of the products in the Dashboard to start customizing them.

You can also add unlimited links all at once using an Excel or CSV file via the WP All Import plugin. For more information, click here.

What Kind of Links Should I Add to Lasso?

You can add any link to Lasso! πŸš€

If you're using non-Amazon links, you'll add your full, monetized affiliate link.

If you're adding Amazon links, you can:

  • Add your short or long SiteStripe links.

  • Or, add the Amazon URL straight from your browser!

If you add your tracking ID to Lasso via Settings > Amazon, Lasso will monetize the link for you automatically. No need for SiteStripe at all!

What to Do After Adding Links to Lasso?

Congrats on adding those links! This is the first step to promoting your products.

Now you can customize the settings, adjust the appearance, and write your best copy to help you earn more clicks.

To learn more about customizing your Displays, please check out this support doc about the Link Details page.

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