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How to Add Badges to Your Displays
How to Add Badges to Your Displays

Make your displays stand out even more with badge text that'll attract eyes and clicks on your product recommendations.

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If you're familiar with sites like Wirecutter, then you already know that badges are highly effective at highlighting product picks:

They often use "Our pick" on their Badge as their top recommendation on a product roundup.

They'll also use other Badge texts, like "Runner-up," "Also great," among other unique ones dependent on the page.

You can achieve exactly the same results with Lasso.

Adding Badge Text in Lasso Link Details

In Link Details for a product, you can enter your own custom Badge Text that will appear in your displays by default:

Once you've added your own text, a badge will appear on your displays. And it works on every theme!

Cutter theme:

Splash theme:

You don't have to set a default Badge text if you don't want to.

When you add that product into a Lasso display for a post/page, it'll show the Badge by default from the Link Details.

But you can also hide it or override it with the next instructions.

Change or Hide Badge Text Per Display using Block Editor

If you have a default Badge Text for a particular product's Link Details, it will appear by default every time you place the product in a Lasso Display block.

But you can choose to change/override that text, or hide it entirely for each individual block without changing the default Badge.

These are the steps when editing a post using the Gutenberg/block editor:

  1. Click on the Lasso display and open up the block settings panel

  2. Scroll down on the block settings to find Badge then enter your new badge text

  3. You badge's text will change automatically!

You can also hide the badge text completely by entering hide into the field!

Change or Hide Badge Text Per Display using Shortcode

If you're using the classic editor or prefer to use Lasso shortcodes, you can override the badge text by adding badge="text here" into your shortcode. For example:

[lasso id="123" rel="example-product" badge="Top Pick"]

If you want to hide the badge completely, you can add a shortcode badge="hide" to do it. For example:

[lasso id="123" rel="example-product" badge="hide"]

Job done!

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