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How to Add Badges to Your Displays
How to Add Badges to Your Displays

Make your displays stand out even more with custom badges.

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If you're familiar with sites like Wirecutter, then you already know that badges are highly effective. Take a look at the following example of Wirecutter's Best Pet Camera Article.

In the display box, they have a badge that says "Our Pick." And every display they create is different. And you can do the same thing with Lasso.

In URL Details, you can enter your own custom Badge Text that will appear in your displays.

Once you've added your own text (which can be ANYTHING), a badge will appear on your displays. And it works on every theme!

You can also override certain displays in the shortcode. For example, just add the following attribute to any display shortcode badge="Top Pick". Like so...

[lasso id="123" rel="example-product" badge="Top Pick"]

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