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Removing Lasso from your Sitemap
Removing Lasso from your Sitemap

Lasso does not index by default but it is possible to override these settings - here we show you how to fix that on all major SEO plugins.

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When you install Lasso, we automatically exclude every Lasso Link and Lasso Group you create from your Sitemap generated with Yoast. This will prevent Google from trying to index these pages during their crawls of your website.

Note: All Lasso Links will be excluded from Google's index anyway, but if they are included in a sitemap, they will show up as an error in Google Search Console.

To make sure Lasso is excluded from your Sitemap, check the instructions below for the most popular SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO

Go to Yoast > Content Types > Lasso in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Then turn OFF both these settings:

Show lasso in search results

Enable SEO controls and assessments

Rank Math SEO

Go to Rank Math SEO > Sitemap Settings > Lasso from the WordPress admin sidebar.

Then turn OFF Include in Sitemap:

Once that's done, go to Rank Math SEO > Titles & Meta > Lasso (under 'Post Types') from the WordPress admin sidebar.

Scroll down to toggle ON Lasso Robots Meta. This allows us to customize the meta settings just for the Lasso post type.

We want to toggle Index OFF and everything else to ON:

Now you've made sure that not only do Lasso posts (links) show up in the sitemap, but the entire post type is set to noindex.

All in One SEO

Go to All in one SEO > Sitemaps from the WordPress admin sidebar, then scroll down to find the Post Types setting and click the toggle to deselect Include All Post Types:

That will open up more options for you to customize which post types should be included or excluded from your sitemap.

Make sure Lasso and/or Lasso Lite are deselected:

Scroll down to the bottom and hit Save Changes.

That takes care of Lasso links showing in your sitemap! Next, let's set all the Lasso post types to noindex.

Navigate to All in One SEO > Search Appearance then switch to the Content Types tab:

Then scroll down to find both/either Lasso or Lasso Lite post types in the list and click the No toggle beside Show in Search Results:

Make sure to scroll down and hit Save Changes to finish!

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