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What Happens If You Cancel Lasso?
What Happens If You Cancel Lasso?
Your links won't break. That's our number one goal.
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Lasso is a monthly subscription WordPress plugin. Here's what happens when Lasso is activated on your site:

Lasso scans your entire website and creates a database of all your links. This allows you to update your links without going into each and every post.

In order for Lasso to build this inventory, we add an ID tag to all text links with a unique number. WordPress does something similar itself.

If you decide to cancel Lasso, once your subscription ends, you won't be able to add any new URLs. However, you will be able to update the ones you've already added.

You also won't have access to our Reports. So if you want to remove a Lasso link from a post or page, you'll have to do that manually. 

Otherwise, if you keep Lasso activated, all the URLs you created will work and you'll have to ability to update them. Just not add new ones.

We recommend that if you cancel Lasso that you keep the plugin activated until you've manually removed every link (or use Lasso to remove the links before you cancel).

Our goal is not to break the links you created on your site. However, that will only happen if you abruptly deactivate the plugin.

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