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Why Do Lasso Data Attributes Appear on Links and Keywords?
Why Do Lasso Data Attributes Appear on Links and Keywords?

If you notice extra data attributes on your Lasso links, why is explained here!

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You may notice that there are Lasso data attributes on your displays or links, that might look like this in your code:

Lasso Product Displays

<a href="" data-lasso-box-trackable="true" data-id="5898" id="css-5898">

Text Links to Lasso Products

<a href="" data-lasso-id="120144" data-lasso-name="Affiliate Link">

Why Does Lasso Add Data Attributes to Links?

When Lasso is first installed, it scans your entire site to produce a link database.

Lasso does this so that it can find where all your affiliate links are, sometimes imports copies of them thanks to Auto-Amazon and for other networks, and keep a track of them.

Having a link index means that when you change a display or links' primary target URL it will automatically be updated in all its Locations.

Lasso acts as an all-in-one solution for managing your affiliate links from one Dashboard so you don't need to track down where you've placed all your links.

Just update in Lasso and it's done, the posts which had the old link will be updated for you.

Do Lasso's Data Attributes Affect My SEO?


Search engine crawlers care about what's on your page and visible to your users above anything.

Lasso isn't the only plugin that will add data attributes to your links.

You may see more than just this attribute on your links. Even WordPress themselves sometimes add data attributes to your links to keep track of things.

Last we checked, WordPress runs 43.2% of all websites on the internet. So we don't think data attributes have any issues against your SEO.

Do Lasso's Data Attributes Affect My PageSpeed?


Extra data attributes in your links has basically zero affect on your page load, and the Google PageSpeed factors that actually matter are LCP, FID, CLS, FCP, INP, and TTFB.

Data attributes on your links isn't going to have any affect on any of those metrics.

Even Lasso's few scripts we load are extremely minimal and do not slow down your website.

How to Remove Lasso Data Attributes from Links

If you're planning to cancel and uninstall Lasso and want these attributes removed from your links, you can go to Lasso's Settings > General and click the button Remove Data Attributes:

Doing this step while continuing to use Lasso will result in all your link locations reading 0 because Lasso will no longer know where the links on your site are located.

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