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Why Do Lasso Data Attributes Appear on Links and Keywords?
Why Do Lasso Data Attributes Appear on Links and Keywords?

Allows Lasso to keep track of your link and keyword locations to update them quickly.

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Lasso needs to know where all your links and keywords are on your site to show the exact locations of your links. In order to do that, when you install Lasso it adds a few benign data attributes to your links and keywords that look like this:

For Displays

<a href="" data-lasso-box-trackable="true" data-id="5898" id="css-5898">

<a href="" data-lasso-id="120144" data-lasso-name="Affiliate Link">

When you want to update your links, these data attributes allow Lasso to find and update them quickly.

Do These Data Attributes Affect SEO or Page Speed?

100% NO!

You may see more than just this attribute on your links. Even WordPress themselves sometimes add data attributes to your links to keep track of things.

Don't worry. Adding attributes to your links DOES NOT slow down your site or affect SEO in any way.

In fact, having these attributes allows Lasso to be lightning-fast when finding and updating your links without going into every post and page.

How to Remove Lasso Data Attributes from Links

If you're planning to uninstall Lasso and want these attributes removed from your links, you can go to Settings>General and click the button that says "Remove Lasso Attributes." This will remove all the attributes we talked about in this article before you uninstall.

Doing this step while continuing to use Lasso will result in all your link locations reading 0 because Lasso will no longer know where the links on your site are located.

NOTE: Uninstalling Lasso means your links and displays may not work correctly. Make sure you don't have any active links or displays controlled by Lasso before you uninstall.

If you have more questions about this or how lasso works, please feel free to email us: [email protected]

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