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How to Use Comparison Tables
How to Use Comparison Tables

Do you want to show product comparisons in a sleek format? We'll show you how to do that easily with Comparison Tables!

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Tables are a great way to compare different features across many products.

They're also one of the ways you can use Lasso to show multiple products all at once, besides Lists, Grids or Galleries.

With Lasso, you can easily customize every aspect of your Comparison Tables and display them in various layouts.

Here's how it's done. πŸ‘‡

1. Navigate to Tables and then click the Create Table button.

2. Name your Table and choose your layout

You can change the name or layout later if you need to!

3. Add products one by one or from an existing Group

You can add unlimited products to Horizontal Tables and up to four products in Vertical Tables:

4. Customize all the info in your Table

Any titles, descriptions, prices, links, and other info you've already customized for your Lasso Links will be pulled automatically from the Lasso product you've already created.

Note: Changes to your Table will not reflect any changes on your original Lasso product. Similarly, changing the Lasso product at the source won't have any affect on the Table!

Every Field in the Table is customizable and you can change the order in which they appear.

All you need to do is hover over the piece you'd like to change. Then you can:

  1. Drag and drop any Fields or Products to a different row or column.

  2. Edit the specifics for each Field. (The changes you make here will only impact this particular Table and will not change your existing Displays.)

  3. Remove any Fields or Products.

  4. Add more rows and columns, where you can add even more Fields!

5. Preview your Table right in the Lasso Dashboard

Click the Preview Table button to see what your Table will look like to your readers. As for those other options:

  • Show Field Name: Toggling on will show the names of your fields (both default and custom created ones) on the table if you have added fields to it

  • Show Headers: Toggling this on will show the Field names at the top of each column. Turning it off will remove the header row and instead will show the Field names in each block for each product.

  • Style: Easily switch between Horizontal and Vertical Tables without affecting any of your product info.

  • Theme: Like all Lasso Displays, there are eight pre-designed layouts for you to choose from. Want something special? All Lasso Displays are fully customizable with CSS. If you're a yearly subscriber, we'll even write the CSS for you!

TIP: If you want to change the names of the Fields that appear in your Tables, navigate to the Fields tab in your Dashboard. Any changes you make there will apply sitewide, but you can create unlimited Fields with as many different titles as you'd like.

6. Add your Table to your content

Click the Copy Shortcode button in the Table designer, or add it via the cactus icon in Classic and Gutenberg editors:

7. Repeat the process for additional Tables, or optimize existing Tables

After you've created your first Table, you can go back and edit it any time. Any changes you make in the Table designer will show up in your posts immediately and automatically.

If you want to edit your Tables without affecting your posts, or if you want to use a similar layout for the next one, you can Clone any Table right from the Tables tab. Then add that new Tables shortcode to your post, and you're all set.

8. That's all there is to it! πŸŽ‰

But if you have questions, the Lasso Team is here to help. Click that chat bubble in the bottom right corner, or send an email to [email protected] anytime. We're here for you!

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