UPDATE: Lasso Pro doesn't solely rely on the Amazon API anymore. If you have no more credits, Lasso Pro will still grab the price, image, and title and be compliant with the Amazon Associates terms of service.

If you're using Lasso with a paid subscription, adding your Amazon API keys will speed up the processing time for your Amazon data. However, it's entirely optional, and Lasso will still pull Amazon data for you if you leave the 'Amazon Product API' section blank. The choice is totally yours!

If you're using Lasso Lite for free, you need your Amazon Product Advertising API Keys to allow Lasso Lite to connect to your Amazon Associates account. Once done, Lasso can then search Amazon and add affiliate links without you leaving WordPress.

Whichever situation you're in, it only takes a few steps to get your Amazon Associates API Key and Secret Key!

1. Log Into Your Amazon Associates Account

Once you're logged into your Amazon Associates account, hover over the "Tools" button on the navigation bar and choose "Product Advertising API.

2. Join or Add Credentials

If you've just created a brand new Amazon Associates account, or have never requested to use the Product Advertising API, click "Join.

First, copy the Access Key and paste it into Amazon Associates Settings in Lasso. Then, do the same for the Secret Key.

NOTE: Once you leave this page, you won't have access to the Secret Key, so we recommend you download your credentials.

If you already joined and only see your Access Key (and you don't have the credentials downloaded) you can click "Add Credentials" to generate a new set of Keys (which you should now download).

NOTE: You can only have a max of two sets of Keys. But you only need one set.

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