Lasso's reports allow you to see all your unmonetized and monetized links across your website. You can view your links by Domain, by the post or page, or just a massive list of every existing unmonetized link on your website.

Domain Report

In this report, you can see all your unmonetized links grouped by the domain. For instance, if you've linked to a single site multiple times, all these links will be under the site's domain.

This is great for finding new affiliate programs to join. If you notice you link to a website a lot and they have an affiliate program, you can sign up for that program, create your new affiliate URL in Lasso, and quickly change all your unmonetized links to that site into affiliate links.

Content Report

This reports show both your affiliate links and unmonetized links group by the post or page they appear in.

This is great for seeing how well your posts are monetized and if there's more opportunities to add affiliate links to under-monetized posts.

In this report, you can every single link on your site that hasn't been monetized with Lasso yet. Not all links have to be monetized, but you can quickly see at a glance which ones are not.

Note: These reports are updated every time you update a post or page. So even your most recent links will appear.

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