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How to Use Lasso Display Themes and Defaults
How to Use Lasso Display Themes and Defaults
Get your Lasso Displays to match the branding of your website and more.
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When using Lasso Displays, you can choose from a number of well-designed themes and set your brand colors.

First, choose the theme that best fits the style of your site*. Then, set your brand colors.

You can also choose global settings for your display defaults, including the text for primary buttons, secondary buttons, and your custom disclosure.

You can also decide to hide the price and disclosure across all your Lasso displays.

Once you've set this up, all displays across your site will be uniform. However, you can pick different themes for individual displays from the Link Details page*.

Want to add different default colors for each theme? All yearly subscriptions include done-for-you CSS. πŸ˜‰ Send us a message to [email protected] - we're happy to help!

* Indicates a premium feature available with paid subscriptions

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