The short answer is yes. You can be compliant with Amazon's TOS if you want to be. There's a few key things that Amazon wants:

  • If you're gonna add pricing, it better be updated at least every 24 hours. And you must add a date and time stamp. Lasso does that in every URL Display.

  • You must include a disclosure for affiliate links. Lasso allows you to add disclosures to every single URL Display. But you're responsible to add disclosures elsewhere and under Grid Displays.

  • Amazon doesn't want you to link to another affiliate with the same product if you're using Amazon's image and price. While we allow you to include other links in your displays, we recommend against it for Amazon links.

  • You cannot cloak Amazon links. Lasso specifically doesn't cloak Amazon links automatically.

These are just a few key points to look out for. We're not responsible for making you compliant with Amazon's Terms. We just give you the tools to be.

If Amazon updates their TOS or you think we missed anything important in this doc, please email us at [email protected]

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