We believe WireCutter.com is the greatest affiliate site of all time. And we learned a lot from following their lead.

For example, in some of their affiliate link displays, they include multiple buy buttons that allow the visitor to choose which source they want to buy from.

And with Lasso, you can do the same thing. You can add both the Primary Target URL and a Secondary Target URL to two different stores with the same product. This gives your visitors a choice and could increase your conversion rates.

To do this, in the URL Details page for any URL,  add these fields like so...

And don't forget to add custom button text so your visitors know where you're sending them.

What happens when you change the Primary Target URL to another URL and add an Amazon URL to the Secondary Target URL? Will that kill the API updates?

Short answer: yes. The Amazon API only works for the Primary Target URL.

NOTE: We don't recommend adding a Secondary Target URL to another online store selling the same product on Amazon URLs. This, unfortunately, goes against Amazon Terms of Service. However, a possible way around this is to use your own photo of the product and to avoid adding pricing information to your displays. If you're worried about violating Amazon's TOS, consult an attorney.

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