When you create a new Affiliate URL in Lasso, it automatically checks your website for unmonetized links.

Finding New Link Opportunities

For example, if you've linked to a company's website and then get access to their affiliate program, Lasso will find those old unmonetized links and turn them into affiliate links.

Watch the video below on how easily this works:

Finding New Keyword Opportunities

Lasso can also find and monetize keywords!

For example, you have an affiliate link for a specific product you love and you've probably mentioned this product dozens of times on your website. You can add the product name as a Keyword and Lasso will find all the mentions on your site.

Then, you can turn those words into affiliate links with the Monetize Toggle. You can use brand or concept keywords to monetize your content.

Watch the videos below to see how easy you can add more affiliate links to your site:

Dismissing Opportunities to Achieve Dashboard Zero

You may have a lot of Link and Keyword Opportunities, but you don't have to turn all of them into affiliate links. You can dismiss an opportunity so you feel accomplished in monetizing your site.

Lasso will always keep an eye on your site and find new opportunities. And the goal is to make a decision whether or not to monetize it.

Watch the video below to help achieve Dashboard Zero:

NOTE: Change your mind on a link you dismissed? You can still find it in your Domains report.

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