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What Programs Does Lasso Work With?
What Programs Does Lasso Work With?

Lasso works with every affiliate program on the planet.

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Lasso is designed to work with any URL from any affiliate program. It even works with your own products. As long as there is a URL, you can add it to Lasso.

But Lasso has special integrations with certain affiliate programs like Amazon. If you add your API credentials, you can add a URL from Amazon and Lasso will automatically pull in the Title, Description, Price, Image, and more.

There are more integrations coming soon!

Does Lasso Work With Ad Programs?

Lasso is a tool for managing affiliate links. And sometimes we get asked if Lasso will work with Ad programs like Ezoic or AdThrive. In other words, would you be able to put Ezoic's placeholders in Lasso?

The short answer is no. We don't recommend adding anything other than a URL to Lasso.

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